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Linkspam #113

  • From ontd_political, Grief Beyond Belief. I'm so glad this organization is out there now.

  • Flickr's SIX BILLIONTH photo. Wow.

  • From, No backing down on Malaysia deal: Bowen.

  • From ontd_political, TSA at LAX to get transgender training. Now if only she'd just been treated fairly to begin with. Oh, and don't read the comments at the source. me.

  • Hahaha! From, Poll: Tea Party Less Popular Than Muslims, Atheists, 21 Other Groups.

    The Tea Party ranks lower than any of the 23 other groups we asked about — lower than both Republicans and Democrats. It is even less popular than much maligned groups like “atheists” and “Muslims.” Interestingly, one group that approaches it in unpopularity is the Christian Right.

  • Say Something Nice. I love Improv Everywhere.

  • This awesome ode by queer_theory to two of her neighbors:

    Ode to Mike and Joe

    You mow our lawn. You carry heavy things.
    You haul stuff away in your truck so we don't have to rent one.
    You tried to fix the toilet downstairs that everyone hates. When we buy a new one to replace it, you'll probably help install it.
    My grandma treats you like sons.
    You're the reason my grandfather stopped hating gay people.
    You brought us cake and sat with my grandmother when my grandfather died.
    One of you has an earring. I think it's cool.
    I want to have your gaybies. Except I don't want to have babies. And you're in your 50s or something.
    Please be my neighbors forever and ever.

  • From The Listener, Alternative therapies for depression. Mild to moderate depression, anyway. :)

  • From Veracity Stew, The Dominionism Apologists' Cognitive Dissonance. Well worth the read.

  • Also from Veracity Stew, How Harry Potter Should Have Ended:

Also, clicky: the animal rescue site, the child health site, the literacy site, the rainforest site, the breast cancer site, the hunger site, and

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