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Linkspam #95

  • Oh my wibbles and tears, Date A Girl Who Reads, by billets~doux via mashrabiyya, via @MayBinSpace.

  • In awesomeness that is news, Chicago Veterans Stand Guard Over Schoolkids. Check this out:

    NPR reports that the Chicago public school system will spend nearly $5 million this year on contracts with community groups and other nonprofits, in an innovative approach to keeping kids safe in some of Chicago's most dangerous and gang-saturated neighborhoods.

    The city's Safe Passage works with an organization called No Veteran Left Behind to arrange for retired or out-of-work military veterans -- mostly middle-aged and older -- to simply stand on corners and side streets, looking for signs of trouble, in the hours before and after school. For $10 an hour, they monitor the routes that students take.

    Although they have military experience, their purpose isn't to be intimidating. Their most important function is not to actively fight crime but just to be there.

  • From Al Jazeera English, Kuwait to mediate Bahrain talks.

  • Right on! From The Root, Gabrielle Union Speaks Up for Planned Parenthood.

  • A wave of exploitation, from Excerpt:

    The horrendous howl from the religious that was heard in response to the recent events in the Pacific surprised even the most cynical of superstition’s critics. In the midst of the suffering, death and destruction, there were those of the bronze age persuasion who either justified the event as a sign from the heavens, a punishment for adoration not tendered or blamed the people of Japan for their ill-considered decision to test the power of the Lord by settling along the “ring of fire”. One could not help but suppress a feeling of intense nausea, not unlike that honest revulsion that gave Nietzsche cause to wash his hands ever so often, every time another personal assistant of the most high reasoned that human suffering and the forces of nature are so designed as to further the mastery of an invisible man-god whose will they alone have been privy to.

    To name but an example, one Janet Grochowina proposed that the earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the lives of innocent men, women and children was her god’s punishment for the events of World War 2, as though the nuclear destruction of two Japanese cities had insufficiently quenched the thirst of this self-serving tyrant.

  • From, True Freedom.

    I began to think "Maybe if I read the Bible, I can become closer to God, like my preacher says," and so I did. And then I came to strange parts that contradicted the ten commandments. Slavery? Murder? Rape? Subjecting women to men? (As a woman, that was pretty dang offending.) I consulted with my preacher. He said, "God does not need to explain himself to humans," and scolded me for it.

    I asked my dad. My dad is very smart. Logical, reasonable, and knows a lot. But he's Christian. He tried his best to explain it, but it still made no sense. It never did. My mom hardly said anything on the matter, and my brother, being the jerk he is, agreed with the female submission deal. But anyway.

    I turned seventeen, and decided, finally: "God, if you do exist, then I refuse to worship you. You help everyone but me, God, and perform miracles. But what about the amputees? What about the blind? The deaf? You don't heal them, and you didn't heal my pain when I cried myself to sleep those nights. If I'm going to Hell for standing up for what I believe in, so be it. I refuse to accept anything illogical. Your illogical. Jesus is illogical. And now, I feel betrayed and pissed off because you lied. You fed me all this bull crap since the day I was born, and I demand a refund on nineteen years of my life."

    Now, I think that any actual benevolent "God" would first ask people with disabilities if they wanted to be "healed," but other than that I'm totally with her on this.

  • From The Guardian UK, Academic fury over order to study the big society. Yeah, I'd be furious too!

  • From The Guardian UK, Afghan women are still at risk.

  • A truly epic smackdown. Espeically the ones with My Little Pony macros. XD

  • From Ezra Klein at the Washington Post, How to havle the deficit by doing nothing. With handy infographic. :)

Also, clicky: the animal rescue site, the child health site, the literacy site, the rainforest site, the breast cancer site, the hunger site, and

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