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Linkspam #91

  • From Informed Comment, Top Ten Ways that Libya 2011 is Not Iraq 2003.

  • Wow! From, Toward a Human Rights Approach to Sex Work Policy. I sure hope so!

  • From Feministe, Righteous Providers, Medical Pariahs? Regarding how abortion providers are treated by the medical community.

  • From, Public Funding of Family Planning is Essential, Even Under Health Reform. Oh yes:

    In 2008, a year after Massachusetts’ health reform law took effect, Ibis Reproductive Health and the Massachusetts Department of Health Family Planning Program undertook research to explore the impact of reform on low-income women’s access to contraception. We conducted a survey and interviews with family planning providers and also held focus groups with English- and Spanish-speaking low-income women.

    We found that health reform has provided a number of benefits to women and many women expressed relief over finally having insurance.

    But our research also uncovered new barriers. Information about insurance plans and what is covered is confusing and difficult to navigate. For women new to insurance, having to get a prescription for contraception filled at a pharmacy instead of getting one’s method onsite at the clinic required education and support. Many women struggled to keep up with the numerous paperwork requirements to prove eligibility for state-subsidized plans and were pushed on and off insurance plans as a result, which likely affected their ability to consistently stay on contraception.

    Providers also worried that teenagers on their parents’ insurance would not seek out family planning services for fear of their parents’ finding out.

    Immigrant women also reported experiencing barriers to health care. Many do not qualify for subsidized insurance plans under reform and some have stopped seeking health care because they are afraid of being fined or deported if authorities find out they are undocumented and uninsured.

  • From the Official Blog of the ACLU, A Perfect Time for Abstinence-Only Programs to get the Old Heave-Ho. Agreed!

    Although funding for such programs expired in 2009, the program was restored in 2010 by the health care reform law. In this tough economic environment, difficult funding decisions must be made; however, cutting abstinence-only education is a no-brainer. Study after study has shown that these programs, which have eaten up more than $1.5 billion in federal funds over the past 15 years, fail to dissuade teens from engaging in sexual activity or educate them on how to use proper protection to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies. Instead, abstinence-only programs censor vital healthcare information, promote gender stereotypes, provide inaccurate information, stigmatize lesbian and gay teens, and, in some cases, promote religion in violation of the First Amendment.

    The bill, the Repealing Ineffective and Incomplete Abstinence-Only Program Funding Act, would strike the Title V abstinence-only education grant program, and instead re-program $50 million annually to evidence-based comprehensive sex education programs through the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP). PREP-funded programs take a realistic approach to educating teens about sex by covering both contraception and abstinence. Additionally, these programs must offer classes that provide practical information, such as healthy relationships and financial literacy, to better prepare teens as they transition into adulthood.

    It's about time American kids got realistic sex education!

  • From Feministing, DC cops scared about bad press around trans rights.

  • From Elevated Difference, a review of the sexually explicit graphic novel Miss Don't Touch Me, Vol. 2.

  • From IPS News, Parliamentarian Breaks Silence on Domestic Violence. Well done, ma'am!

  • From, Homosexuality of Mice and Men.

  • From the UN Chronicle, Saving Water, Saving Lives. An important read.

Also, clicky: the animal rescue site, the child health site, the literacy site, the rainforest site, the breast cancer site, the hunger site, and

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