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Linkspam #83

  • (from July) From @ontd_political, College Students Hide Hunger, Homelessness ;_;

  • (also old) From @_Struct, Learn Your Damn Homophones!

  • (also old) From @ontd_political, YOU NEED A HUG! A BIG, GAY HUG! :D :D :D Again, SUCK IT NOMTWEETS!

  • (also old) DUUUUUDE. This is SO AWESOME. Bollywood + Video Games = GAME ON! Via @wilw.

  • (also old) From @AABlog, The U.S. Government has decreed--only dogs qualify as service animals. *sigh*

  • (also old) From HuffPost, Why You Don't Care About JournoList. Excerpt:

    The problem with the JournoList scandal is the problem with a lot of right wing news: It's not happening on Earth I, where you and I live. Like the Black Panthers taking over the Justice Department, or Shirley Sherrod's night raids on Andrew Breitbart's small family farm or Glenn Beck's lonely one-man struggle against the Tides Foundation, it exists in a parallel universe that only superficially resembles our own.

    A universe where straight, rich white men are the only victims of anything, ever, and shrieking like an infant is their only defense; where Christianity and capitalism are in constant peril, where black lesbians and the very, very poor run everything and Iran has the Bomb and we don't. And where Andrew Breitbart is Biko, and revolutionary political power doesn't come from a gun, it comes, under TV lights, out of the puckered, anus-like mouth of a whining pink face.

  • From the New York Times, Starbucks's Chief Tries to Recapture Its Heyday. Oddly, the thing I'm most impressed with isn't anyone mentioned in the article, but that the writer and/or the copyeditor knew how to apostrophe-ize a singular noun that ends in "s." :D :D :D

  • TRIGGER WARNINGS: ABUSE IN GROUP HOMES FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. From the NYT, For the Developmentally Disabled, Harm in Safe Havens. *disgusted sigh* The more things change, the more things stay the same. It's twenty-fucking-eleven, can we end the disability gulag now?!

  • From @nytimes, Navy Says 17 Americans Were Treated for Contamination. 3/14/11.

  • From @wilw, AT&T will cap DSL and U-Verse internet, impose overage fees. Yes, but will the price go down for the 98% that supposedly won't be affected?

Also, clicky: the animal rescue site, the child health site, the literacy site, the rainforest site, the breast cancer site, the hunger site, and

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